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Miami-Dade County's mayor promised business constituents that the County would create a full "one-stop" online environment for proper licensing and permitting, thereby allowing new businesses to painlessly get off the ground and thrive in Florida's competitive business world.


The County contracted with TruePenny People to create this one-stop permitting environment driven by an Oracle Policy Automation determination engine. TruePenny formed an integrated team with County IT experts and delivered a completed project within 9 weeks.


TruePenny People (TruePenny), working with the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, created an environmental permitting, licensing, and registration (PL&R) information one-stop wizard. This system dynamically collects information from businesses and individual users who seek to understand their requirements for OEPA compliance. The solution aims to reduce call-ins and promote consistency in OEPA customer-facing guidance. This wizard helps businesses self-evaluate for compliance as well as suggests a series of steps to take to reach environmental regulation compliance. A key feature is the custom roadmap with personalized permit requirements and local contact information that is generated via the interview.


Prior to a large blizzard striking the upper east coast, Governor Cuomo of New York issued an order to implement inspections of homeless shelters and other shelters for vulnerable populations.

OTDA and OITS were tasked with the implementation of this ambitious initiative, and given a very short timeframe in which to have an automated and reportable process in place—about a week for the first go-live. This meant a mobile application allowing inspectors to record their results, as well as a backend process for reporting,

INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE (Oracle Policy Automation)

The IRS uses Oracle Policy Automation (OPA) to guide employees through its internal web environment. This system assists workers with filing guidelines and ensuring taxpayer compliance with the U.S. Tax Code.

The IRS entered a long term relationship with TruePenny People to ensure that its OPA system conforms to ever-evolving tax laws and its employees remain proficient at updating this system in-house through subject matter expertise and OPA development principles. This support led to three powerful solutions.

INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE (Custom Java Development)

The TruePenny People team supports the IRS ISR-S/CIS Java projects by utilizing using its extensive knowledge to develop Business Rules and reusable frameworks, business services, and integration to both internal and external consumers.


TruePenny People supported the large FDA modernization project (MARCS).  This included:


  • Development of an intelligent questionnaire for all field agents for food inspections (Egg farms)

  • Ruleset that diverts collected samples to the appropriate laboratory


The Permitting Information Wizard, also known as the Project Planner, is a self-service, wizard-style tool that was developed using Oracle Policy Automation (OPA), now known as Oracle Intelligent Advisor. Its purpose is to provide permitting information that helps customers find out the permits they need to be compliant with the relevant permitting regulations and how to get them.

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