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The IRS uses Oracle Policy Automation (OPA) to guide employees through its internal web environment. This system assists workers with filing guidelines and ensuring taxpayer compliance with the U.S. Tax Code.

The IRS entered a long term relationship with TruePenny People to ensure that its OPA system conforms to ever-evolving tax laws and its employees remain proficient at updating this system in-house through subject matter expertise and OPA development principles. This support led to three powerful solutions.


TruePenny delivered customized OPA training materials to support IRS' subject matter experts in updating the system. This training:

  • Integrated seamlessly with IRS's internal web environment.

  • Empowered IRS employees to use rule authoring, entity deployment, regression testing, and other tools of  OPA developers.

  • Allowed IRS employees to learn OPA at their own pace, saving $4,200 per employee in professional training costs.

  • Freed IRS from reliance on expensive outside consultants when updating the OPA system to reflect new tax laws.


TruePenny is committed to giving IRS technical support for its business rules engine that monitors compliance with the ACA. This support:

  • Integrates Java/J2EE development with OPA, business rules, automated scripting, and architectural design support.

  • Utilizes a team matrix environment that ensures consistent updates and solutions to meet changing organizational needs.

  • Consistently arrives on time, within budget, and to a high degree of satisfaction.


TruePenny is facilitating an IRS transition to OPA version 10.4.2. As facilitator, Truepenny is:

  • Providing detailed gap analysis and mitigation strategies for how to make the upgrade work flawlessly.

  • Meticulously porting over established processes to ensure continuity in IRS's customized OPA functionality.

  • Saving IRS hundreds of thousands of dollars by leveraging the unique IRS-Truepenny relationship to cut out expensive third party system upgrade costs.


“The Rules Based Programming Office has been working with TruePenny for the past two years. When the contract began, the TruePenny team quickly engaged my team in an effort to identify our outstanding needs using the Oracle Policy Automation (OPA) software. I was very impressed on how TruePenny led the effort to help my team upgrade our current online products. They worked with my team via web-ex to transfer knowledge and to collaborate on all problems and potential solutions. I never had to worry about the TruePenny team not being prepared for these 3 times a week calls. They also made themselves available on the spot for any urgent issue. Without the TruePenny team being part of the upgrade process, my team would not have met our filing season deadlines.

Steve Krogen


IRS Business Integration

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