TruePenny has an ever growing customer base. Many of our projects involve long term commitments and often TruePenny is re-engaged for new projects based on the solid reputation we’ve built.

These are some examples of our current and past customer base.

California HBX (CalHEERS – HiX/ACA)

California Healthcare Eligibility, Enrollment, and Retention System

City of Houston Permiting Center (HPC)

Web Portal and Content Management System

Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DoD)

Payment determinations for military personnel – combat related

Food inspection, lab selection

Hawaii Department of Human Services

Benefit Eligibility Solution (BES)

Idaho – State Integrated Health

Eligibility determinations

Affordable Care Act, Interactive Tax Law Assistance, program support

Kansas KEES

Kansas Eligibility Enforcement System for Integrated Health

Business licensing and permits

Massachusetts – Health Exchange (HiX)

Massachusetts – “Health Connector” Exchange

Homeless Shelter Inspection

Permits and Licensing

Ohio State – HHS

Integrated Eligibility

Ohio State – State Tax

STARS Statewide Tax Initiative

World Bank Group

Worldwide PeopleSoft Upgrade Support