TruePenny has an ever growing customer base. Many of our projects involve long term commitments and often TruePenny is re-engaged for new projects based on the solid reputation we’ve built.

These are some examples of our current and past customer base.


Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

Affordable Care Act, Interactive Tax Law Assistance, program support

Custom Java Developments:  Bulk Request Manager Gateway (BRMG), Business Rules Engine (BRE), Common Log Aggregation and Analytics Solution (CLAAS), Enterprise Consolidated Legacy Access (E-CLAS)

Food and Drug Administration

Food inspection, lab selection

Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DoD)

Payment determinations for military personnel – combat related


Permits and Licensing

Business licensing and permits

Ohio State – HHS

Integrated Eligibility

Kansas KEES

Kansas Eligibility Enforcement System for Integrated Health

Idaho – State Integrated Health

Eligibility determinations

Homeless Shelter Inspection

City of Houston Permitting Center

Web Portal and Content Management System

Ohio State – State Tax

STARS Statewide Tax Initiative

California HBX (CalHEERS – HiX/ACA)

California Healthcare Eligibility, Enrollment, and Retention System

Massachusetts Health Exchange (HiX)

Massachusetts – “Health Connector” Exchange


World Bank Group

Worldwide PeopleSoft Upgrade Support