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We leverage the most experienced teams in the world in their respective fields, bringing first-hand knowledge of working on large scale engagements across Federal, State, and Local Government sectors, implementing and supporting projects at the Enterprise level, including technical architecture and integration elements into any environment.

These are a few examples of the kind of solutions we have successfully implemented for our customers:


Permit and Licensing: Counties, cities, and states across the country have relied on us to deliver state of the art decision-making tools that determine the permits and licenses that new or existing businesses need to acquire or maintain to operate legally.


Health and Human Services Solutions: Several U.S. States have relied on us for updating their systems so they can better decide the eligibility of their citizens for several social programs, such as SNAP, TANF, and Medicaid.


Inspections: We help organizations across the nation to develop solutions geared towards enabling field agents in the verification of legal and functional requirements.


Custom Java Solutions: We help Government Agencies to achieve key strategic objectives vital to their IT infrastructure, by developing custom Java solutions such as:

  • A gateway for the reception of bulk data transactions from mutually authenticated clients.

  • A business rules engine that validates Healthcare Exchange Marketplace Periodic Data.

  • Customized log aggregation and analytics solutions, with features such as multi-tenant architecture with role-based access control, customized dashboards, performance metrics, alerts, and notifications, high available (HA) architecture in all environments, and transaction stress testing.

  • Modernization of legacy frameworks and platforms, providing features such as platform-independent, scalable, highly available, fail-over, and programming language agnostic architecture built on Micro Services Architecture (MSA) and Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), providing both REST and SOAP interfaces/protocols.

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