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Miami-Dade County's mayor promised business constituents that the County would create a full "one-stop" online environment for proper licensing and permitting, thereby allowing new businesses to painlessly get off the ground and thrive in Florida's competitive business world.


The County contracted with TruePenny People to create this one-stop permitting environment driven by an Oracle Policy Automation determination engine. TruePenny formed an integrated team with County IT experts and delivered a completed project within 9 weeks.


TruePenny designed a website which seamlessly integrates into the County's existing web portal. As visitors answer simple questions, a complex OPA “interview” is created based on customer responses.  The interview is then used to navigate County, State, and Federal law. The interview uncovers solutions including:

  • An open environment that can accommodate any type of County-issued permit.

  • Real-time integration with the daily operations of County permitting agencies, allowing licensees to request same-day visits from government inspectors.

  • Complete access to County permitting archives, allowing citizens to conduct full inquiries into the history of County-licensed enterprises.


TruePenny is committed to supporting and developing the County's one-stop solutions portal. To ensure the continued success of this program, Truepenny is:

  • Maintaining barrier-free communication between our OPA experts and the County's IT professionals.

  • Empowering County officials to maintain their own portal through continued training in professional-level OPA implementation.

  • Monitoring continued portal traffic to consistently fine-tune the County's one-stop solution for increasingly effective customer services.


“TruePenny have been working very closely with the county and through an integrated team structure were able to get the core of the project done within the space of 9 weeks. This included integration with Miami's own systems. This information then flows into the OPA session and provides the user with full location awareness and highlights the benefits and drawbacks of starting a particular business type within a certain area. All this information is presented to the user in a way that allows them to keep the overview, including a map which highlights which other businesses of the same type are in the area.

The collaboration effort in Miami Dade between TruePenny and the local teams has been rock solid and remains so today. There are no barriers in communication and there are multiple plans to work together in the future – specifically in the expansion of the "one-stop shopping" functionality which will include Tax, On-line shopping cart and full integration with other Miami-Dade services.”


Osvaldo Navarrete

Computer Services Manager

IT Department

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